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Dosimeter Dozymetr GQ Electronics GMC-600 SBT-11 Geiger Counter

Hello everyone interested in ionizing radiation!

I rarely record movies with spoken comments, but I add subtitles to the movie - ATTENTION PLEASE ENABLE SUBTITLES

here you can buy this dosimeter

The dosimeter uses a pancake SBT-11 Geiger counter

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Thanks for watching
Odstavec-900mm : Интересный аппарат!
Odstavec-900mm : Недавно приобрёл дозиметр Radex Obsidian. Очень нравится!
Searinox Navras : I have the GMC-600 SBT-11 variant. From my experience either the tube is undervolted or the CPM setting is too high. I had to change voltage and recalibrate mine to make it accurate. With Am-241 I get 390 uSv/h and around 128000 CPM with 300 CPM/uSv/h, a dead time of 69 microseconds and a voltage of 62.67%(though I don't recommend that high voltage if you keep the metal mesh in front of the tube as it produces induction currents) and no auto-voltage. Note that not all SBT-11 tubes will like this as those already sensitive at background will instead produce very high counts at this voltage. But it is more in line with what I've seen other devices produce from 0.9 uCi Am-241.

The tube's background is around 20 CPM and lower than most but I got good detection otherwise. I intend to test its upper limit with a DP-63-A radium scale. I get about 1.1 uSv/h from tritium which is another good test for mica window sensitivity. I didn't know the SBT-11 variant was still in production. Mine did not come with the pretty velcro case and came with a cheap black pouch.

The original device came with a SBT-11A tube which behaved oddly and produced sporadically high readings(with default settings) and was not reliable. I replaced it with a SBT-11 which is actually more sensitive than the original SBT-11A so no matter how much the thinner "A" variant window might help with alpha sensitivity, the tube's internal sensitivity can vary a lot too.

Other than that, the buttons become difficult to press after a while and require more force/"massaging" to register a press. It's not the end of the world but it is annoying, though I suppose the GMC600 SBT-11 variant is probably the cheapest alpha geiger you can find.

The SBT-11 supposedly can reach up to 3-4 millisieverts/hour, you should test that.
Элена Vesna : first thought, you show us a camera)) But no, it`s dosimeter. He has a mica sensor?
K Khariy : Aa, this counter can detect alpha

GMC600 SBT11 Geiger Counter vs GMC600+ LND7317 Geiger Counter

This video shows the difference between Russian СБТ11 tube and US LND 7317 pancake Geiger counters made by GMC. SBT-11 is lighter but reacts slower than LND7317 type counter. Also I show reactions to UV light with my test samples. Радиоактивный Наука
Scutti : Interesting.. do they own the same firmware version? How was the value in 'fast estimate time' set?
4:11 do i see right, the tube starts to flap? O.o
Searinox Navras : Where did you get that radium disc?
L2L : Thanks for very informative video. I was considering getting either one. I decided to get 600+ after seeing your video.
ExploreTheWorld : Have you tried it with Alfa radiation? Вы тестировали с альфа излучением?
Crawling in Film : Hi, interesting demonstrations. Why are the cpm readings increasing all the time? I plotted the values for each demonstration and each exhibited virtually a straight-line of increasing. It's almost as if the devices were displaying the plain count rather than rate of count (cpm). How long would the devices have taken to settle down ?

GQ GMC 600+ Geigerzähler

Vorstellung meines neuen Geigerzählers von GQ.
GrinsePickel : Sehr schönes Video, ich hätte vielleicht noch näher an das Display gezoomt. Ich entscheide mich auch gerade zwischen diesem Gerät und dem Radiascan 701a aus Russland. Das radiascan hat alle blenden schon mit dabei.
Scutti : Hab den 600 nonplus. Bzw schon den zweiten, nachdem der erste anfing verrückt zu spielen. Beim ersten war noch eine veraltete Firmware drauf, bei dem fehlte die 'Fast Estimation Time' Option. Standart waren 60 Sekunden. Mit der neueren Software kann man die Zeit bis auf 5 Sekunden verkürzen.




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